Brighid Daly

Native of Kerry, Brighid Daly is an IAHIP accredited psychotherapist and supervisor with over twenty years experience with a wide range of clients in a variety of treatment settings. She is founder of the S.A.O.R. Counselling and Psychotherapy centres in


We have two Phychotherapy and counselling centres one located in Oranmore, Co. Galway and the Second in Kerry. The first Centre opened in Galway in 2011 and Brighid and her team see Clients privately and run the conversations that matter

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Brighid Daly, IAHIP Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Health-Creation Mentor and the Founder of S.A.O.R.   – (Private Practice in Co. Galway & Co. Kerry) Phone 087 9185255 Email   Orla McGuinness, IAHIP Diploma in Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapy. Phone:

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“This is the power of gathering It inspires us, delightfully To be more hopeful, more joyful, More thoughtful, in a word MORE ALIVE” – Alice Waters.   Please keep an eye on Brighid’s upcoming events.

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What our clients say…

“What makes this programme unique is Brighids ability to get people involved in their own care and recovery. Any tendency on the part of an individual to self neglect or self abuse is replaced with a healthy caring relationship towards oneself. What was really special for me was leaving the course with more energy and a lighter, clearer heart than when I started.”

Gerardine Barrett Therapist, B.A

“I have been deeply impressed with Brighid’s sensitive, professional and insightful work and the great integrity that she brings to all that she does. She is clearly a first class therapist with a high level of emotional and spiritual intelligence. Added to this she has a deep affinity with her Celtic roots and has used her very strong native sense of relationship to the natural world, human nature, the sacred and the mythic in her teaching and practice.”

Dr. Rosy Daniel, BSc MBBCh Founder of Health Creation UK

SAOR Courses

Inspired by the unifying beauty of the natural world, I have created Stones Across Our River, a life- affirming natural path in the form of an ancient stone bridge that illuminates an educational structure. The main purpose of the bridge is to help us recognise that genuine self care is the ultimate act of intelligence and creativity, enabling us to see clearly the important role we play in our own precious health and overall wellbeing.