S.A.O.R. is delivered in group format in comfortable intimate venues.

STEP ONE…The Beauty of Balance
One weekly  2 1/2 hour session over twelve weeks, February through April

STEP TWO…Brighid’s Cross
One weekly 2 1/2 hour session over twelve weeks, September through November

One weekly 2 1/2 hour session over twelve weeks, September through November

STEP FOUR…The Triple Spiral
One weekly 2 1/2 hour session over ten weeks, January through March


In reality, Saor is for anyone wishing to restore a deep sense of meaning, awe, and wonder to life and to experience the privilege of living it more peacefully.

  • Those seeking genuine increases in self confidence, deep self respect and genuine self worth.
  • Those tired of facing the disabling forces of dis-ease, depression and disillusion in themselves and in others – who are ready to cross the seemingly dangerous river of change along the stones of balance, knowledge, creativity, and grace.
  • Those looking for an uplifting transformational experience that can put in place or strengthen existing commitments to life lived with a higher level of consciousness and a more informed courageous and loving heart.
  • Those looking to tap into their creative potential, thus more fully realising an inner directed self care path that will provide stronger footing through the day-to-day trials we know as life’s journey.
  • Those wishing to discover their own greatness.



  • You will gain precious insight into who you are and what you face as a conscious responsible individual seeking increased health, wholeness, and humanity.
  • You will find deliberate healing space for self reflection and growth, enabling you to open both your mind and heart to a new and deepened perception of what it means to take good care of yourself, and why it is your primary responsibility.
  • You will gain an in-depth and genuine respect for the intelligence you already possess – physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually – and practical understanding of how to enable each of these to be a creative resource.
  • You will deepen your presence in your most precious and creative responsibility…the authoring of your own life story and the mastering of your own destiny.

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