The Beauty of BalanceDa Vinci wrote, “Those who took as guide anything other than nature herself, the teacher of teachers, laboured in vain”.Our own nature is never further from us than our own bodies, the care we give them and the care we give the natural world around us, in which we are immersed.Because we have originated from nature, when we find ourselves distanced from her for too long a period of time, her rhythm and beauty will always call us home to what truly feeds our souls. We may not always easily identify this call, or experience it as a call (as in the case of sickness, sadness, shock or loss of life direction). ‘The Beauty of Balance’ is a journey through the body, mind, heart and soul with a view to finally settling into a sincere relationship with the ongoing commitment necessary to bring true self-care, self-respect and genuine self worth.This twelve week journey asks us to take an in-depth scan of the care we give our body, mind, heart and soul.  To allow this unfold, I merge my own skills as a psychotherapist, my love of story and storytelling and the use of symbols that call us back to balance, understanding, creativity and grace.This experience takes place in a welcoming space around a fire where we use one of the more valuable contemporary self-assessment tools call ‘The Picture of Health’.  This was designed by Dr. Rosy Daniels when she finished her 11 year role as doctor of the Bristol Cancer Centre.  This was linked with Rosy’s attempt to put in place a prevention programme that would empower people to strengthen their lives and bodies, and preserve existing health. This educational tool is extracted from a larger body of work known as health creation. I trained with Rosy in 2005 as a health creation mentor, and in this work I merged my own long-standing use of symbols as teaching tools to encourage balance and beauty in our lives.

Over this 12-week period we explore 12 health creation principles, allowing one entire evening for each. This allows us time to consider and explore to what degree we know about, and more importantly live, the guidance and information to be found therein. These health creation principles are:

The Body:

1. Our Relationship with Food.

2. Detoxification.

3. Physical Needs.

Our Environment:

4.  The Natural World.

5.  Our Community.

6.  Personal Space.

The Mind:

7. Stress.

8. Relationships.

9. Emotions.

The Spirit:

10. Energy.

11.  Being True to Yourself.

12. Spiritual Connection.

I use ‘The Beauty of Balance’ as a steadying stone that aims to ground people in the importance of the basic levels of self care that are necessary prior to venturing deeper into the mysterious presence of our vast inner world. It is my experience over the years with many courageous individuals, that without the basics in place and understood, the energy cannot always be found to face the hard but transformative work of real therapy and the role each unique individual inevitably has to play in their own becoming and homecoming.

Radio Kerry Interview with Brighid Daly by Deirdre Walsh “Talkabout”

 1. Interview with Brighid Daly – Interview on Kerry radio 00:50 
The Beauty of Balance

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