Brighid Daly is a Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Health-Creation Mentor and the Founder of S.A.O.R.   –
(Private Practice in Co. Galway & Co. Kerry).

Native to Kerry, Ireland, Brighid emigrated to the United states in 1984, where she began to study the Indian philosophy of yoga. This proved to be the foundation of a life-long fascination with cross-cultural wisdom teachings and their universal message of wholeness as the highest and healthiest state of being human. As a result of a subsequent move to Denver, Colorado, in 1989, she discovered and began to study the Native American culture and its richly humanistic, oral tradition.

Piqued with curiosity, Brighid spent 1991 on a world tour, during which she immersed herself further in multiple cultures and their health and healing systems. While living in New York City in 1992, Brighid was first inspired to create profoundly engaging classes encouraging people to attend to their deeper needs as prerequisites for health and well being.

Exposure to the beauty of these varied cultures provoked dormant memories of her own indigenous Irish inheritance, and gave rise to a deep desire to reawaken its presence in her identity and her work.

Brighid brought this rich foundation to Galway, Ireland, in 1993 and began teaching two groups weekly in the Galway Bay Health Centre, where she introduced ancient Irish symbols as valuable teaching tools. She continued developing this concept at the centre until 2004 while training as a Bio-Dynamic and Integrative Psychotherapist and eventual Supervisor. This strengthened her ability to impart these beautiful and powerful teachings in a more professional and programmatic way.

In 2001, Brighid was invited to bring her work to Slanu Cancer Care Centre where she co-facilitated the weekly programme. Whilst there, she trained as a Health Creation Mentor with Dr Rosy Daniels, founder of Health Creation, UK.

Brighid returned to live in Kerry in 2006. She now practices as a Psychotherapist and Supervisor in both Kerry and Galway, and continues to explore creative ways to help us explore our potential and encourage growth.

Brighid Daly

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