We have indeed entered worldwide Days of Deep Self Care. My workshop was to run through March, April, May and June and I will continue to offer this as a support system through this days of great change.

However due to the healthy shielding exercises that are to continue for some time to come, I will be shifting the work to an online platform using Zoom for optimum Compatibility and care in my line of work as a therapist and educator. I suspect these 4 months (one of which we have already lived ) will see us through the most intense phase of this experience here in Ireland. Clearly many parts off the wider world are awaiting their own waves and attempting to meet the unique challenges therein.

I am changing the shape of this remaining 3 month journey to meet the more pressing needs of our time which I see as a compassion companionship, consistency and care.

My Offering as a psychotherapist at this time will take the form of a two hour evening, every two weeks from 8pm – 10pm on Thursdays through April, May and June, These evenings will allow us gather in groups of 8 to explore the rapidly shifting landscape of our lives with courage, clarity, and commitment to self care. These evenings will allow us hold Conversations that Matter now enabling and encouraging us to live these upcoming days and well beyond with Balance, Understanding, Creativity and Grace.

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