“What makes this programme unique is Brighid’s ability to get people involved in their own care and recovery. Any tendency on the part of an individual to self neglect or self abuse is replaced with a healthy caring relationship towards oneself. What was really special for me was leaving the course with more energy and a lighter, clearer heart than when I started.”
Gerardine Barrett, Therapist, B.A.

“I have been deeply impressed with Brighid’s sensitive, professional and insightful work and the great integrity that she brings to all that she does. She is clearly a first class therapist with a high level of emotional and spiritual intelligence. Added to this she has a deep affinity with her Celtic roots and has used her very strong native sense of relationship to the natural world, human nature, the sacred and the mythic in her teaching and practice.”
Dr. Rosy Daniel, BSc MBBCh, Founder of Health Creation UK.

“Brighid thinks and speaks in images. Imagery and symbolism have unique power to touch our hearts. Her course is challenging, exciting, nourishing, interesting and well designed. She is widely read, highly intelligent, creative, artistic, multi-talented, loving in her relationships, has been through her own dark nights of the soul and emerged strengthened and deepened in understanding and compassion. She is engaging, with a touch ofmagic. She has an intimate relationship with the land and the soul of Ireland.”
Anne McLay RSM,M.Ed,PhD. Co-founder of Womenspace, Brisbane, Australia.