Brighid’s Bridge

A Four Step Personal Programme

This four step experience takes place in person or online and explores your relationship with ,

The Beauty of Balance, The Power of Understanding, The Joy of Creativity and The Welcomimg of Grace.

Each step focuses on a distinctive phase of self awareness and personal responsibility. This experience is available in the form of four two-hour meeting in with Brighid Daly

The total programme duration is eight hours, divided into four two hour sessions to be taken part in at ones own pace.

Brighid’s Bridge is designed to be experienced as four one on one supportive directional sessions, allowing you time and space to pave the way to committed self care.

What is Brighid’s Bridge?

“Inspired by the unifying beauty of the natural world, I have created Brighid’s Bridge, a life-affirming natural path in the form of an ancient stone bridge that illuminates an educational structure.

The main purpose of the bridge us to help us recognise that genuine self care is the ultimate act of intelligence and creativity, enabling us to see clearly the important role we play in our own precious health and overall wellbeing.

Using four ancient symbols native to Ireland, I have put in place a safe and solid passageway providing us with four powerful steps from the ground we know – our present level of awareness and understanding – and setting us down again on the same ground with deeper, richer appreciation of our presence and sense of purpose upon it. Brighid’s Bridge invites us to reclaim our inherent right to health and wholeness, and encourages us to walk from the land of self-care as burden to the land of self care as privilege.

Together, the four steps of Brighid’s Bridge bring to life what is most natural within us: the urge to grow, the need to understand, and the vision of blossoming into our true selves. This experience encourages us to reclaim a deep foundation of peace, that once reclaimed, can gift to the world all that we truly are and all that we are capable of becoming.

I invite you to explore the steps of this journey and look forward to crossing this river with you.”

Brighid Daly

Step One: Beauty of Balance

This first step, symbolized in the Cross of Balance, enables us to take personal scan of an in-depth kind, in which we are invited to recognise the importance of balance and simplicity in our lives. This begins to put in place a strong foundation of knowledge, empowering us to looks deeply at ourselves with courage and honesty in relation to the times we live in and our present understanding and standard of self care.

Step Two: Power of Understanding

The second step, symbolized by Brighid’s Cross allows us to explore the delicate and intimate link between the four intelligences of body, mind, heart and soul that weave together to create what we know to be our individual self. This step allows us to deepen our understanding and compassion towards this individual self, and help us to see that the many blocks and barriers we inevitably encounter on the road to taking genuine responsibility for our lives are always valuable opportunities for growth and transformation.

Step Three: Joy of Creativity

Life is first and foremost a precious gift. Our journey over the first two steps anchors us in truth. Now, the Spiral, which symbolizes the Joy of Creativity, draws us deeply into our unique and personal human story. Step three reveals a mirror, the mirror of absolute self-worth, enabling us to restore the ability to think with the heart which never divorces any one thing from the whole.

This phase helps us begin to remove the confusion and disgrace that so commonly take hold of our self-image. In doing so, it reveals the ability of the human heart to open, and to heal, leaving us with the authentic experience of falling in love with life and with our very own life. Thus, the Spiral helps us reclaim a way of life in which self-care becomes a distinctly meaningful contribution to ourselves, those we love, and the world at large.

Step Four: Welcoming Grace

Step four, ‘Welcoming Grace’, is symbolized by the Triple Spiral, and unifies the teachings imparted by all three prior symbols. The Triple Spiral welcomes us to an insightful, honest, and peaceful relationship between our past, present and our future. Together, these relationships allow us to take joy in the unfolding and never-ending process of revealing and embodying our natural self, our royal self, our graceful self.

We are each entitled to realise that we are simultaneously part of the grand wholeness of nature and significant solitary parts of such wholeness, each born with the unique challenge of recognizing this truth and then taking full responsibility for living in harmony with it.

Brighid’s Bridge is designed to facilitate this life-giving process of restoring our foundation, beauty, and potential.

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