Brighid Daly
 Brighid is an accredited psychotherapist,
Supervisor and group facilitator with over twenty years experience in her profession. 
She is founder of S.A.O.R , Stones Across Our River, a four step self development experience which has been running in Ireland for the past ten years.
To meet the more pressing needs of our time , Brighid is now offering her program on line during April May and June . 
These gathering allow companionship and encouragement during these days of confusion and  confinement.
This workshop allows us an opportunity, despite these  restrictions to  explore freely our present reality and how we might best use this experience to deepen our commitment to self care in these days and well beyond. 
All crisis calls forth qualities that lie dormant within us and life is constantly inviting us all to use each new experience as an opportunity for real growth and maturation.  These small 
groups of eight participants allow us a place to  explore the rapidly shifting landscape of our lives with courage, clarity, and commitment to self care. These four two hour afternoons  will allow us hold Conversations that Matter now enabling and encouraging us to live these upcoming days and well beyond with Balance, Understanding, Creativity and Grace.

To partake please contact Brighid @