Inspired by the unifying beauty of the natural world, I have created Stones Across Our River, a life- affirming natural path in the form of an ancient stone bridge that illuminates an educational structure. The main purpose of the bridge is to help us recognise that genuine self care is the ultimate act of intelligence and creativity, enabling us to see clearly the important role we play in our own precious health and overall wellbeing.

Together, the four stepping stones of SAOR bring to life what is most natural within us: the urge to grow, the need to understand, and the vision of blossoming into our true selves. stepping over them purposefully and mindfully at our own pace, we are reunited with a rich inheritance that lies dormant within us all … a deep foundation of peace that, once reclaimed, can gift to the world all that we truly are and all that we are capable of becoming.

I invite you to explore the steps of this journey here and I look forward to crossing this river with you.

Stones Across Our River is a vital and vibrant journey, designed to be experienced in four distinct phases, each represented by a stepping stone carved with an ancient Irish symbol: the Cross of Balance, Brighid’s Cross, the Spiral, and the Triple Spiral.

Each step is designed as a complete experience in itself, moving onward only if inspired to do so.


This first step, symbolized in the Cross of Balance, enables us take a personal scan of an in-depth kind, in which we are invited to recognise the importance of balance and simplicity in our lives.

This begins to put in place a strong foundation of knowledge, empowering us to look deeply at ourselves with courage and honesty in relation to the times we live in and our present understanding and standard of self care.