Although I speak only with one voice, I speak from both a personal and professional perspective to strongly validate the exceptional capabilities of Brighid, who has enriched my life enormously and repeatedly in myriad ways.  Brighid has continually opened her mind and heart as well as my soul in conversations about life’s joys, aspirations, challenges and disappointments.  She knows what it means to seek true alignment between our inner and outer journeys in life and, better than most, can provide illuminating insight to guide travellers through such terrain.  With a relentless fire burning inside, she brings both light and energy into the world, employing wisdom and tenacity to overcome many resilient constraints.  As a consequence, her companionship has become one of my life’s treasured gifts.  Overall, I consider her a worthy member of a small cadre of unique and talented caregivers in the world, each of whom lives and breathes vitality, representing humanity in its finest form.
Professor David Cohen, Farmer School of Business, Miami University Ohio

“Brighid thinks and speaks in images. Imagery and symbolism have unique power to touch our hearts. Her course is challenging, exciting, nourishing, interesting and well designed. She is widely read, highly intelligent, creative, artistic, multi-talented, loving in her relationships, has been through her own dark nights of the soul and emerged strengthened and deepened in understanding and compassion. She is engaging, with a touch of magic. She has an intimate relationship with the land and the soul of Ireland.”
Anne McLay RSM,M.Ed,PhD. Co-founder of Womenspace, Brisbane, Australia.

“I have been deeply impressed with Brighid’s sensitive, professional and insightful work and the great integrity that she brings to all that she does. She is clearly a first class therapist with a high level of emotional and spiritual intelligence. Added to this she has a deep affinity with her Celtic roots and has used her very strong native sense of relationship to the natural world, human nature, the sacred and the mythic in her teaching and practice.”
Dr. Rosy Daniel, BSc MBBCh, Founder of Health Creation UK.

Wellbeing and joy are feelings where we need to shine the torch, and this illumination happened every fortnight as we navigated our way across the Bridge of Balance, Understanding, Creativity and Grace.  Thank you, Brighid, for creating a space of connection and fun for us, with like-minded women.  These evenings were a welcome break from, what seemed at times like, the isolation of COVID.  We were blessed with support, friendship and the space to be real, via Zoom, in the comfort of our own homes.
Anne, Therapist, Galway

Joining Brighid’s Bridge was a deeply healing, awakening and empowering experience.  Using her expertise, professionalism and life experience, she ably facilitated the group and created a sacred space in which I was able to be vulnerable, yet feel fully supported and safe.    Deep healing was possible by seeing and feeling pain and emotions that needed to be acknowledged and released.   Within the group setting, we learned to acknowledge each other’s unique presence and also to trust each other with our own individual stories.  So, I moved across the four stones of Balance, Understanding, Creativity and Grace into my own deeper beingness.  Looking for greater Balance in my life, moving into a deeper Understanding of the body’s intelligences, unlocking the gifts of my own Creativity and acknowledging Grace in the miracles of daily life were the benefits of my participation.  Thank you, Brighid, for this deep, rich and healing experience.

STONES ACROSS OUR RIVER was a pathway along which we, a group of women, travelled with our individual wounds and traumas.  We held space for each other to share moments of sadness, joy and longing and thus we got to know ourselves better, some for the first time, some all over again.  Working with Brighid, listening to her words and imbibing her spirit, has helped me understand what it is to be a woman.  She is truly passionate about her work and generously shares her knowledge on how to live one’s best life gladly.

Brighid’s Bridge is a wonderful experience of engaging exploration, sharing and fun.  Listening to leaders in personal development, discussing and internalising their ideas, creates inclinations and pathways to positive change, in tiny ways that make a world of difference.  The space created by Brighid is safe and nourishing for the soul, mind and body.  Míle Buíochas.
Anne Marie

The Bridge has helped me in so many ways.  It gave me the opportunity to connect with other women. It offered a non-judgemental, safe and nourishing space in which deep connections were forged.  It made me realise my lack of self-care and how this neglect affected my life negatively.  I am so thankful for all the wisdom and insights gleaned throughout the course.  Brighid is an amazing person who has helped me so much on my journey.  People close to me have noticed my growth.  I am better at dealing with new situations and unexpected events.  I would highly recommend the Bridge.

As a therapist, I loved being part of Stones Across Our River with Brighid.  The safe holding that she provided allowed me to take risks and communicate from my truth.  I loved the learning, sharing, support and the fun and lightness too.

Nobody creates a safe space quite like Brighid Daly.  Her Stepping Stones bring you gently from the riverbank you know to the other one – the one that’s waiting to be explored.  Guided by her knowing, her compassion and the encouragement of fellow travellers, you are invited to know yourself anew, to see yourself anew, to let yourself be known and seen.  It is a journey of discovery, of reflection, of joy, of love, of beginning to understand how always, always, we are being invited to cross new rivers as we find our way safely home to ourselves.  I would highly recommend this journey of sharing, wisdom, deep insights and imagery.  You will feel welcomed, held, encouraged, inspired and most of all nourished like I did.

It was about learning to live life from a healthier stance on every level: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.  It helped me to accept the past and learn from its mistakes.  It showed me how to be compassionate and forgiving with the past, with myself, my family and relationships and my religion and culture.  It made me realise that we really are powerful beings in the awareness that we each have sole responsibility for how we experience life in the now and for our future.  Living consciously can only lead to living more joyfully which leads to living more fully in every unique moment which there is to be savoured and appreciated.
Margaret Liston, Mother, Pilgrim, Trainee Therapist

Stones Across Our River was an experience of the depth that I and my fellow divers could reach for.  Like no other, it was a course of great significance to me as I had read much about non-judgement and witnessing but realise now the experience of such is not that common.  I experienced being a witness to my fellow pilgrims’ inner worlds while also experiencing the pleasure of being witnessed as I discovered my own inner workings.  All was accomplished in a supportive and wisely-facilitated space.  Brighid initiated connection and allowed the natural flow of the pilgrims to gather momentum. In such a safe setting, it was easy to experience life’s true treasure – connecting with each other.

I have done many wellbeing courses over the years, but Brighid Daly’s “Stones Across Our River” is truly unique.  This course is a must for anyone who is curious about: getting to know yourself, understanding your emotions and patterns of behaviour, learning how your mind works and how to trust your intuition – so we can strive towards living the best version of our true, authentic, real self.  Brighid’s ability to explain and distil these theories into pure nuggets of practical gold, is her gift.  All is delivered in a safe, fun and interactive manner.

Stones Across Our River was for me a delightful journey of awakening to new possibilities.  I felt supported, encouraged and guided to learn from leading lights in the world of Psychology, Health & Wellness, Environmental Science and Spirituality.  The course expanded my knowledge of these themes which have always been close to my heart.   Brighid’s expert communication skills, artistry with images and emphasis on authentic personal experience inspired me to examine the unique circumstances of my life and to fathom my deepest longings for happiness and fulfilment.  The other participants on the course soon became my companions on the journey and I greatly valued their weekly wisdom and friendship. I would highly recommend S.A.O.R. to anyone in search of meaning, integration and wholeness at a time of unprecedented change in our world.

“What makes this programme unique is Brighid’s ability to get people involved in their own care and recovery. Any tendency on the part of an individual to self neglect or self abuse is replaced with a healthy caring relationship towards oneself. What was really special for me was leaving the course with more energy and a lighter, clearer heart than when I started.”
Gerardine Barrett, Therapist, B.A.